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About us

From a passion for creating solutions, BraunOni was founded in 2004. Since then we are active in replacement products. In a society where mass consumption is continuously growing, we have found the solution.

Over more than 13 years, we are a specialist in our subject field. Supplying in high quality replacement products for a suitable price is our principle. Our extensive assortment ensures the customer has a wide selection to choose from.

BraunOni’s webshops supply in replacement products to extend the life cycle of devices.

Our webshops

  • dust bags dustdeal
  • replacement batteries batteryupgrade

Batteries, chargers, memory cards, rechargeable/disposable batteries, cases, powerbanks and cables.

Dust bags, tubes, hoses, brushes and filters for e.g. the range hood, refrigerator, fryer and the dishwasher.

LED lamps, CFL lamps, Halogen Lamps and Incandescent Lamps.

Some facts

  • We sell in more than 30 countries worldwide
  • We deliver to consumers and businesses
  • All our websites are multilingual
  • We have over 850.000 customers worldwide


BraunOni B.V.
Luchthavenweg 81-139A
5657 EA Eindhoven


Chamber of Commerce Eindhoven 08129450
VAT-number NL8177.51.920.B01
ING Bank: NL69INGB0001621879