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BraunOni was founded in 2004 based on the passion for finding solutions to complex business problems using IT.

With the establishment of "iPodUpgrade" in 2005 the first steps were put towards e-commerce. To justify the name for the growing product range, the webshop has been renamed into "BatteryUpgrade". In subsequent years, the company made a major growth; Since 2007 BraunOni continues as B.V.

Since 2008 BraunOni is based in Eindhoven in the heart of the technology in "the smartest region in the world." In 2013 DustDeal has been launched: an e-commerce concept for selling vacuum cleaner bags and related items. In 2014 LightUpgrade is added to the BraunOni family. LightUpgrade focuses on the sale of lamps and light related articles.

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BraunOni team

BraunOni consists of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team of young people who value work and qualitative results as paramount importance. BraunOni sees itself as informal, yet professional. Through this no-nonsense mentality the best results are yielded for the company, the employees, but most importantly the customer experience.
At BraunOni 20 people work to make the e-commerce concepts a success: e-commerce managers, administrative staff, helpdeskers and logisticians. They ensure that BraunOni stays ahead on the internet.

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